The Human Side of AI

Sharing AI-deas with Tom Wambeke, the ITCILO’s Chief of Learning Innovation

“If algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), and bots will be part of our infrastructural DNA what does this mean for important questions on how we are going to learn and work in the nearby future?” probes Tom Wambeke, Chief of Learning Innovation at the International Training Centre of the ILO. 

With technology becoming more and more prevalent in our daily lives, a reflection is in store. Awaiting the start of the AI Lab Leading with AI: Ignite and build your AI-driven ideas, we discussed with Tom how to move forward. 

“We need to re-focus on the human side.”

Coming from an organization with learning at its core, exploring the possibilities of technological advancements is always relevant. “We are going quite fast digitally,” he shared, “We need to re-focus again on the social space and ethical reflections that accompany these new revolutions.” 

This is where the AI Lab enters the picture. The Global Leadership Academy (GLAC) and the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO) have partnered to create an online collaboration platform for learning and debating about the future of AI. From August to November 2020, participants will share design challenges, engage with international AI experts, connect with a global community to co-ideate solutions, and learn from peers on how to bring human-centred AI-deas to life

People-powered progress

The AI Lab will bring together changemakers worldwide to confront a big question: How might AI assist, augment, or replace our workforces? Yet for Tom, it’s not all about the technology, but rather about opening up the discussion to all dimensions. By connecting with other humans in an interdisciplinary dialogue, we will gain insights and ideas for AI’s horizon. 

His goal is simple: “concretely show what AI could mean for our personal and professional near-future.” Fostering this platform for co-creation gives power back to the people. 

“I believe that omnipresent automation will create space for what is really human.”

Looking towards the future, attention should be focused on the right side of the brain. Creative thinking, pattern recognition, and critical problem-solving are the skills that will best prepare us for that world full of algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), and bots.

Ready to transform the future? Learn more about Leading with AI: Ignite and build your AI-driven ideas.

Virtual Panels

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Virtual Roundtables enable participants to network, learn and benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of the group through moderated dialogue. Gather online, take part in structured and themed discussions around the Lab topics.