Collaboration for AI driven transformations

Interview with Elke Siehl, Director General of GIZ’s Sector and Global Programmes Department

Our mission is to shape a sustainable world by enhancing cooperation and providing technical experience. A lot of our projects already work with data and analyze it to achieve better outcomes. With AI we will be able to bring automatization to the next level, by adding “intelligence” to repetitive tasks and focus human efforts where essential. 

As AI applications continue to grow and mature we will get the most out of data, with deeper analysis, able to achieve greater accuracy. Looking at A.I. we might be able to find new patterns and solutions within existing data. To make the most value for all, AI needs to be human-centered.

In my opinion widespread accessibility of the technology is still ona rather early stage and there is a lot potential for growth, so it is important that we are starting to explore the fields where we can put it to use. Additionally, we need to consider that the increased use of AI may come along with certain risks, for instance regarding privacy, bias algorithms, greater socio-economic inequality and other ethical concerns. 

While taking into account that firm first steps have been taken to address these issues, those are relevant aspects for the lab conversations. Expertise is the first thing needed and I am very happy that the AI Lab is connecting experts on a global scale. 

We need diverse perspectives and expertise to demystify the ongoing discourses and develop actionable ideas, that can promote international and cross-sectoral partnership for innovation.

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