Humans of AI: Pooja Gianchandani

Advisor by day, skills warrior by night. Pooja Gianchandani, global citizen and AI Lab participant, shares her curiosity about AI and the digital transformation:

“COVID-19 has proven yet again that vocation is the new superpower. Just as every superhero has special powers, so does every human. We all have a special talent, a skill that can lead to a positive impact both for ourselves and the community. As transformations shape our society, the way work is organised and the skills needed to perform everyday tasks constantly changes. Our reliance on digital tools powered by AI continues to increase.

What is AI? How does it affect our lives? Will AI really replace human beings? What skills will everyday people need to cope with the AI world? These and many more questions led me to the Leading with AI: Ignite and build your AI-driven ideas Lab, a 3-month learning journey co-hosted by GIZ’s Global Leadership Academy and the International Training Centre of the ILO.

From novice to superhero

Our journey with this course started in September 2020, when conference and webinar season was at its peak. My questions, curiosities, and predictions on how digitalisation will alter the world had been growing. I started the AI Lab as a total novice, absorbing as much input as I could. I listened to the other fellows and learned from their experiences. Frankly, I was very relieved when one of the experts exclaimed, “Don’t worry Skynet will not take over the world.” This was a rare opportunity to engage with other like-minded professionals. I started hosting virtual coffee chats on AI, the future of work, and skills. Over the next 6 – 7 weeks, we met every Friday afternoon and shared ideas about our projects and ongoing initiatives. We discussed policy issues and collectively sketched the various themes and sub themes that need more focus. Here is the mind map we developed collectively:

The biggest success of the AI Lab, and what distinguished it from other programmes, was access to a unique global community. The organisers gave us space and time to collaborate, and allowed for honest exchanges with our peers.

My biggest take away and by far the best: the AI Lab inspired me to start journaling again! The journaling process experienced during the Lab was a gentle reminder to focus on the important things. It has altered the way I plan and view tasks. The AI Lab upgraded my superpowers, ready to confront and contribute to a world in transformation.”

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Virtual Panels

Engage, discuss, and collaborate
with AI experts

Virtual Roundtables enable participants to network, learn and benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of the group through moderated dialogue. Gather online, take part in structured and themed discussions around the Lab topics.